Healthy Ways To Cook Fish

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Here are three healthy ways to prepare fish as your main dish:

Grill It

  1. Prepare the fish the way you like it, e.g. Season with herbs, pepper or lemon juice;
  2. Cover with a light layer of olive oil so it doesn't stick;
  3. Put your oven on grill and cook for 5-7 minutes, assuming its defrosted, not frozen;
  4. Remove from grill and enjoy right away!

Grilling cooks the fish REALLY fast so watch it carefully.

Bake It

  1. In a glass baking dish or whatever dish you prefer place the fish flesh side up in a little bit of water;
  2. Season it as you like;
  3. Cover with a lid or if you don't have a lid you can wrap the fish in tin foil;
  4. Cook for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees depending on the size of the fish.

This method of cooking keeps the fish really moist and tender. While some think the oven method would dry the fish out, this method actually does the exact opposite and you'll find the fish will melt in your mouth. The steam created from the water ensures it stays moist.

Pan-Sear It

  1. Heat pan to medium temp (5-7 on the stove top dial)
  2. Add a little olive oil;
  3. Place fish onto pan and watch it sizzle;
  4. Don't mess with it! Constant flipping of the fish is death to a good crust. Let it cook until it's two-thirds done on one side and then flip it;
  5. Garnish with herbs or whatever you prefer.