Amino Acids
any of the chemical substances found in plants and animals that combine to make protein (= substance necessary for the body to grow)
any of a group of natural substances which are necessary in small amounts for the growth and good health of the body
a chemical that your body needs to stay healthy
a chemical element which is present in teeth, bones and chalk
Omega 3
a substance in the oil from some fish such as tuna or salmon, and in some seeds, which is very good for your health
a substance containing a lot of fat that is found in the body tissue and blood of all animals, and which is thought to be part of the cause of heart disease if there is too much of it;
one of the many substances found in food such as meat, cheese, fish or eggs, that is necessary for the body to grow and be strong
all the chemical processes in your body, especially those that cause food to be used for energy and growth
a silvery-white element which, when combined with other elements, is used in the production of soap, glass and fertilizers (= substances which help plants to grow)
a silver-white metal element that burns very brightly and is used in making fireworks
a common silver-coloured metal element which is magnetic. It is strong, used in making steel and found in very small amounts, in a chemically combined form, in blood
an element found in small amounts in sea water and used to prevent infection
a reddish-brown metal used especially for making wire and coins, or the reddish brown colour of this metal
a bluish white metal that is used in making other metals or for covering other metals to protect them
a medical condition in which there is not enough red blood cells in the blood