Operational Facts

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) is delivering on its mandate to promote the consumption of fish in Namibia. The achievements of the Trust during the past 17 years since its inception in 2001 by Cabinet decision, include substantial infrastructure development and human capital investment in order to take fish to the nation.

The NFCPT currently owns and operates 16 fish shops in 12 of the 14  regions in Namibia, employing roughly 144 employees, to deliver on its mandate of making fish more accessible and affordable to the Namibian population. The fish shops are located in Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Lüderitz, Keetmanshoop, Mariental, Gobabis, Rundu, Nkurenkuru, Ondangwa, Omuthiya, Ongwediva, Eenhana, Outapi, Opuwo and two (2) in Windhoek.

Supported by statistics, Namibians are indeed consuming more fish which allows for commendable efforts by the Trust. In 2001, NFCPT distributed a mere 500mt and this amount increased to 6700mt during 2013.

An annual quota is awarded by  the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and with this quota, Horse Mackerel and Hake are caught in Namibian waters - enabling the Trust to sell the fish to the public at a discounted price to ensure affordability.

The NFCPT is always working hard to ensure that its fish shops are stocked with fish and ensure customer satisfaction. One way to maintain the satisfaction among customers is to answer their questions:

1. Where are the NFCPT head offices?
- In Walvis Bay. This is where all trucks travel from to deliver fish to the respective fish shops in the regions.

2. Why is Horse Mackerel (Maasbanker) the most widely available fish?
- The NFCPT receives a quota from the Namibian Government for Horse Mackerel and Hake. The Horse Mackerel quota is the bigger quota of the two and it is guaranteed. Other species of fish stock is purchased at a market price from fishing companies and because the Trust sells fish at discounted prices, it is not always purchased.

3. What does 16+, 18+ & 20+ mean?
- These are the different sizes in Horse Mackerel fish, 16+ being small and 20+ being big.

4. Where does NFCPT get its fish from? 
- With the quota that NFCPT receives from the Namibian Government, the industry catches the quota and holds back a portion of it for payment because NFCPT do not have a vessel. This means that the Trust only receives a portion of the total quota awarded.

5. Why are we only allowed to buy 10kg of fish per person?
 - An individual may now purchase up to 300kg of Horse Mackerel. However, the Trust still has to ensure that all 16 NFCPT fish shops have stock at all the times. The more products sold to one customer, the quicker it runs out of stock to serve the rest of the Nation. The Trust's aim is not to supply businesses, or in large quantities. We have to ensure that there is fish readily available for each and every Namibian citizen due to the tremendous demand that has grown over the years for fish. Sustainability and effective management and distribution remains KEY! 

6. Do prices differ at the different NFCPT fish shops?
- No, NFCPT prices are the same country wide.


7. What are the operational hours at the fish shops?
- Weekdays: Opening hours: 09h00

                      Closing hours: 16:30


- Weekends: Opening hours: 08:00

                     Closing hours: 11:30

If you have any further questions, or complaints please contact:

  • Head Office:  064 20 4508/11 or email us at marketing@nfcpt.com.na,
  • Northern Regional Administrator: 065 23 0622 or email us at northernadmin@nfcpt.com.na
  • Central & Southern Regional Administrator: Vacant

NFCPT Bringing Fish to the Nation!